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Employee Benefit and Compensation Statements

Our benefit and compensation statements have been developed to aid in retention. These personalized documents are available in both printed and electronic versions that clearly present your employees' total benefits and compensation. In addition, everything is customizable—from the colors to the cover, to your mailing options.

Single Page 8.5 x 11

A straightforward single-sided sheet with concise reporting of enrollment or benefit coverage.

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Checkbook 2 Sided 8.5 x 11

This style has more space for expanded benefit descriptions. It comes with attractive cover using your company logo and colors—adding a professional touch to the presentation. It weighs 1 ounce for mailing purposes.

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Checkbook_Cover.jpg Checkbook1.png

Small Booklet 5.5 x 8.5

This compact format is easily expandable to any number of pages.

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Small_Booklet_Cover.jpg Smaill_Booklet1.png

Large Booklet 8.5 x 11

Our largest statement version features customizable covers and expandable page counts (beginning at four pages). It allows for expanded descriptions, more white space, larger print, and multiple graphic illustrations.

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Large_Booklet_Cover.jpg LargeBooklet1.png