About BenComp Communications

Whether You Are Seeking a Way to Document Employment Compensation, Fringe Benefits, or Boost Employee Satisfaction: Our Employee Benefits Services Make the Difference for Your Company—and Employees

Our Compensation and Benefits Statements Help Firms from Coast-to-Coast

BenComp has been among the top providers of benefit communication documentation since 1993. The company was founded by Curt Mead; a former insurance broker and employee benefits consulting professional.

As competition for the most qualified employees grew, the traditional ways that HR employee benefits were communicated didn’t tell the whole story. In addition, there was a need for employers to share information about their increasing costs for the benefits they already provided. BenComp began by solving these problems for their clients by creating a variety of benefit statement offerings.

BenComp's signature benefit statements are powerful ways to illustrate employee compensation and benefits in a personalized way. Almost twenty years later, the nature of the employee benefit statement has transformed into an effective recruitment and retention tool. BenComp works hand-in-hand with clients to provide accurate, easy-to-understand solutions that set them apart from other employee benefit consultants.

“When we began, the idea of compensation statements was almost brand-new,” says Curt. “Today staff benefits are no longer a fringe benefit; they are an essential element of employee satisfaction. We work with companies who are seeking this competitive edge and help create benefits statements that win over employees.”

Today, BenComp has clients in all industry segments that range in size from 100 to 5,000+ employees. The firm’s steady growth is due mainly to referrals and existing client retention because of BenComp’s reputation for superior service, creative options, and customization.