Our Many Years of Success Are at Your Service

Based on our deep industry knowledge, BenComp can help you create a logical, clear design that is both effective and attractive.

- Over 25 years experience in the industry
- New business is generated via referrals from existing customers
- We listen to our clients, leverage our experience, and work in partnership with our Clients

BenComp provides you with support that goes beyond just the delivery of your benefit statements by:

- Following up on each project with our client
- Making statements and reporting available to the client for 1 year after project completion (There are several access and delivery options)
- Providing optional follow-up employee surveys

The quality and accuracy of statements your employees receive is immeasurably important. Because of this necessity, BenComp has developed extensive data cleaning and statement proofing processes to ensure both quality and accuracy.

Our data cleaning process involves:

- Ensuring complete data sets for each employee
- Identifying data discrepancies and missing fields
- Reviewing employee name and address data and re-formatting if necessary
- Checking for data generation timing issues
- Comparing prior year data (for existing customers) to identify discrepancies
- Reviewing each calculation we use with the client
- Providing the client with detailed reports of each benefit element as a double-check

The statement proofing process involves:

- Proofs are reviewed by staff members against a master checklist to ensure the accuracy of each statement
- Providing a report of text options that can appear—and what triggers those options
- Checking two proof sets—one set is provided to the client, the other is reviewed by BenComp
- Comparing final versions of the statement against original data

We know how to protect valuable and sensitive employee data. Our rigorous processes ensure the reliability and protection of your information by:

- Using a secure encrypted link for safe data transmission
- We store data on secure servers in locked down data centers
- Our security protocols protect working data—and allow for complete data removal when the project is completed

At BenComp, we start each design process from scratch. Since there are no rigid “templates” to follow, we create a statement that is right for your employees. Our solutions range from simple one-page statements to detailed multipage booklets.

During our initial planning process, we work with you to identify important design considerations such as:

- Is it best to present prior year historical or current year snapshot information?
- What is the best way to show employer contributions and employee contributions?
- What are the most strategic placement of graphical elements and company colors and logos?
- What is the best way to describe each benefit element?
- What language (English, Spanish, French, etc.) is required?
- What types of design elements (logos, etc.) need to appear on the statement covers and envelopes?